Where do Medical Doctors go for their spine care

THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE like doctors do for themselves.
Doctors come to us for their own spine care ! 


Physicians, Surgeons, Professors and other professionals come to the Back Institute for their personal care.

Name  State  Type 
A.S. Pennsylvania M.D., Anesthesiologist, University of Pennsylvania
C.Y. Ohio M.D., Neurology
M.D. Washington D.C. M.D., Professor, Georgetown
A.M. California M.D., Surgeon, University of Calif., San Franciso
J.W. Pennsylvania M.D., Pain Medicine
A.L. Florida M.D., Family Doctor
C.P. Canada M.D.
C.R. New Jersey M.D., Cardiologist
V.N. California Ph D., Faculty member, UCLA.
D.S. Colorado M.D., Radiologist (from Stanford)
V.R. Kansas M.D., Neurologist
M.T. California M.D., General Surgeon
O.L. California M.D., Plastic Surgeon
C.W. Minnesota M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon
K.L Arizona Naturopathic Physician
M. F. Massachusetts M.D., Professor,Harvard Medical School
Y. P. New Jersey M.D.,Internal Medicine
R. R. West Indies M.D.,Cardiologist
R. W. New York M.D.
D. R. New York M.D.
J. D. Maryland M.D., Professor of Anesthesiology,
Johns Hopkins Medical School
W. P. New Mexico M.D.
J. H. Ohio M.D., Pediatrics
P. C. Quebec, Canada M.D., General Practice
A. N. Florida D.C.
C. S. Idaho D.V.M.
G. S. California D.C.
D. A. Virginia Emergency Room M.D.
T. S. Virginia M.D.
A. P. New jersey M.D.

[Not a full list of patient doctors]